Funeral Flowers by Emma Dennis-Edwards

Funeral Flowers | Photography by Kofie Dwaah

Funeral Flowers | Photography by Kofie Dwaah

Step into the Bunker Theatre and you are greeted by the sweet scent of flowers. The theatre is dressed with a backdrop of flowers, where tulips and daffodils dance in vases carefully placed on the stage. We see seventeen year old Angelique (Emma Dennis-Edwards) working hard: carefully taking notes, lovingly arranging flowers and singing along to the music that’s blasting.

Funeral Flowers follows a crucial point in the life of Angelique. With a mum in and out of prison and a care system that moves her about, Angelique is finally settled with kind foster carer Sam and working hard at college, moving one step closer to achieving her dream of being a florist. There’s just one problem. Angelique’s boyfriend has got himself into a bit of trouble with local tyrant Rampage and he puts the pressure on Angelique to help him out.

Part poetry, part play this promenade performance directed by Rachel Nwokoro invites the audience into an ambitious yet vulnerable young woman’s world: from her workshop of flowers (where she might put you to task arranging flowers) to a buzzing house party.

This solo show hosts characters and a story which reminds us of how easily a promising young life can slip through the cracks of society. Through Dennis-Edwards’ expert talent, the major characters in Angelique’s life make memorable appearances - it’s both entertaining and heartbreaking, somehow familiar and yet a world away.

The production contains subject matter and scenes of sexual violence which may be triggering. It is also a promenade production and so the audience moves around the space.

Funeral Flowers previously played at The Bunker and Free Word earlier this month. It’s final showings will be at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre this week from 29th May until 1st June.

Check out the trailer below…