Miraa May - FWM [Video]

Miraa May_DSTNGR

Miraa May sends out a warning with the release of her new single ‘FWM,’ an anthem I would imagine will relate to many. With a slightly more upbeat offering than usual, Miraa delivers her message strong and firm, over a UK Garage inspired production by Oscar Shellings.

Professing her want for peace and love whilst chanting on the chorus “Don’t you even try, to fuck with me,” Miraa keeps it real stating exactly what will happen if you do indeed try to cross her. Whilst living in a time where it’s sadly human instinct to push as far as you can with people’s boundaries, it really does make sense to let people know the potential consequences of their foul behaviour.

Stylishly ready for anything, in her wavy two-toned Nike tracksuit, the visuals for ‘FWM’ directed by Ray Fiasco showcases Miraa on a journey to a battle of good vs evil. Which side does she choose? Well, you will just have to peep the video to find out.