Flohio - 10 More Rounds [Video]


It all started from her Colors freestyle earlier this year, and it has just been upwards from there. I think it’s safe to say that Flohio, is a name that is gonna be on all our lips very soon.

One of London’s rawest acts, Flohio’s violent and cutthroat delivery hits like a punch, and she hits the nail on the head once again, in this brand new track ‘10 More Rounds.’ The Bermondsey based artist has been regularly touted as a future star of the UK scene, as she has showcased an ability that eludes a lot of new underground artists; having great bars, but also making great tracks.

The video captures up close and personal visuals of Flohio, which helps you gain a small insight into her demeanour; she’s got such a saucy and boyish strut to her style, I absolutely love it.

We’re all just patiently waiting for the EP now!