Tiana Major9 - Mr. Mysterious [Video]

Photography by Michael Stuart Daley

Photography by Michael Stuart Daley

East London based singer-songwriter Tiana Major9 delivers a wonderful offering, in a track entitled 'Mr. Mysterious' and it's easily becoming one of my favourite songs of the moment. As written on the box, Tiana shares her fantasies of a potential love interest that although she knows little about, her wondrous mind is quickly painting the perfect love story, in a hope that it one day becomes her reality.

Tiana's tone is incredible, a smooth yet extremely powerful low octave vocal, slowly creeping into higher notes sang so effortlessly over the PRGRSHN production. This is the kind of R&B that just doesn't come around all that often in the UK. It's artists like Tiana that really excite me, she creates beautifully relatable music which she also performs with great quality.

The visuals see Tiana enjoying her fantasies, with glimpses of her Mr. Mysterious creeping into our eye sight. What I love so much about this video, is the depth of her feelings as she thinks about her guy. It's believable, to the point where you instantly want to experience everything she sings. The visuals develop into further fantasies, leading into a possible wedding day, with Tiana milly rocking in celebration of her special day. 

The sad part is, that our fantasies come to an end eventually. At some point it becomes time to wake up from the pleasant state of our dreams.