RZA releases teaser for new film 'Cut Throat City' and we're very excited!

Wesley Snipes & RZA | Image via IMDb

Wesley Snipes & RZA | Image via IMDb

Wu-Tang's RZA, reveals an exciting teaser for his new directorial film 'Cut Throat City,' a heist plot based on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the fight for community survival.

The story follows four boyhood friends who return to New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina, to find they have absolutely nothing. No homes, no jobs and no support from the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). With little to no options, the friends reluctantly work for a local gangster, tasking them to pull off a heist in the heart of their city. It's a movie so of course it all goes badly wrong, causing the guys to go on the run and not just from the authorities. Accused by the neighbourhood warlord for stealing the heist money, the only option is to buy their way out. So the guys head to the casinos, to take back what's been taken from their city for years.

Now what excites us the most, is the line up of incredible actors, from the old skool to a range of fresh faced talent. The OG Wesley Snips (Blade) returns to the big screen, alongside the likes of Terrance Howard (Empire), Shamiek Moore (Dope, The Get Down), Demetrius Shipp Jr. (All Eyez On Me) and Atlanta based rapper T.I.

Speaking on the movie along side Snipes at the San Diego Comic-Con, RZA shared “It’s hard to deal with natural disasters, no matter how much money you got. But money is an immediate remedy in situations like that. Where the money goes is important, and the Ninth Ward is a place where the money did not go. So that’s like the people who are in the most need are not getting the water.” 

There is no denying this sounds like an epic movie but if you're not yet convinced, check out the teaser below. 

'Cut Throat City' hits US cinema in 2019.