julianknxx shares an emotive and poetic visual in the form of 'Candid Lover'

Image by Almass Badat

Image by Almass Badat

Love is complicated. At time's it's blissful, magical... allowing us to breathe easy and feel as though time just doesn't exist. In other moments it can be painfully piercing, numb to the bone and devastatingly brutal to our mind, body and soul.

julianknxx, a London based poet and multi-disciplinary artist - explores love as both joyful and melancholic in his poem 'Candid Lover.' Starring Almass Badat (another creative / multi-disciplinary artist, whom we will look to explore at a later date) as the lead model, the visual is a surrealist interpretation of the poem, showcasing the depths of differing emotions through the use of symbolic colours (ultra blue, gold and yellow), as well as active expression of the unconscious mind.

'Candid Lover' forms part of a collection of poems entitled 'BROKEN,' in which Julian dedicated to his daughter. The collection explores personal dialogue and traditional oral storytelling, drawing from social commentary on blackness, toxic masculinity and love. Being of Sierra Leonean heritage, Julian is heavily inspired by the tradition of passing down thoughts on gender, race and faith with oral storytelling, utilising the forms of photography, art direction and film.

'Candid Lover' was directed by Michael Adeyeye, whilst the music was provided by Happy Cat Jay.