King Combs feat. Chris Brown – Love You Better [Video]

King Combs

Off the back of his '90's Baby' mixtape, King Combs new single ‘Love You Better’ seems to have a very obvious mission – take all listeners back to the 90’s and salute the stars of the time. The visuals, heavily inspired by Biggie’s 1995 single ‘One More Chance,’ perfectly complements the track’s iconic Bad Boy sound. Featuring a production sample from 90’s R&B classic ‘Touch Me, Tease Me,’ by Case featuring Foxy Brown and Mary J. Blige - both the track and video for ‘Love You Better,’ do a great job paying homage to a sound and era that is clearly such a big influence on King Combs, son of hip-hop visionary Sean ‘P-Diddy’ Combs.

Including a cameo from DJ Khaled recreating Heavy D, the video features both Combs and collaborator Chris Brown pulling up to a Brooklyn house party, living it up 90s style. Directed by Andrew Sandler, the energy is infectious throughout the video, and the combination of bright visuals and monochrome shots amplify Combs’ mission to connect different generations of music.

Watch ‘Love You Better’ by King Combs below and if you’re keen to hear more of this 90’s inspired sound, also check out the behind the scenes video which previews 'Bad Girl' (taken from 90's Baby) by the Bad Boy prince, this time sampling Busta Rhymes ‘Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check’ and lyrics from 112's 'Only You.' For those who really know the history of great music, Busta’s version was also a sample of ‘Space’ by Galt MacDermot.