Unapologetic creativity... the reason why we love Kei Maye's illustrations

Copyright © Kei Maye

Copyright © Kei Maye

Back in April of this year, I was invited to the launch of FERARTS - an artist led non-profit organisation, who provide a platform for emerging creatives by promoting their works through innovative concept shows, exhibitions and community projects. In the form of an exhibition, the launch showcased the works of many young creatives, including a youth collaboration with talents effected by the Grenfell Tower fire and legendary photographer Juergen Teller. It was an impressive exhibit and there was one creative in particular, who instantly caught my eye. 

"You can be anything you wanna be"  | Copyright © Kei Maye

"You can be anything you wanna be" | Copyright © Kei Maye

Browsing around the exhibition (as you do), with a glass of Prosecco in hand, I came across these incredible graphic images that were intensively colourful and bold. At first it was just a "ooo these look dope," thought that came across my mind however, as I spent more time looking over the works and their subject matters, my thoughts soon turned to feelings of great appreciation and a genuine connection for the works of Kei Maye.

A Mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the Earth | Copyright © Kei Maye

A Mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the Earth | Copyright © Kei Maye

Unapologetic, outspoken and courageously daring is how I would describe Kei's work. Her creativity is inspired by everyday life and all elements of it; love, irritation, frustration - whatever the situation, it's all creative juice ready for expressive squeezing. Just like music, art has the ability to make you feel, it has the power to open conversation and simply communicate messages with and without the use of words. This is what I love about Kei's works, her designs are very expressive and raw, punchy and straight to the point. Her art communicates the thoughts that most would never dare share, the obvious that too many are staying quiet about and that expression that we all know and showcase all too often - social commentary served on a very entertaining palette.  

“Until you can’t feel a damn thing…”  | Copyright © Kei Maye

“Until you can’t feel a damn thing…” | Copyright © Kei Maye

It takes a certain personality to deliver this type of greatness. It's all a form of activism, which if you follow Kei on Instagram, you will get to know this intelligent lady has a lot to say and share. Whether it's an opinion on social issues or simply sharing her experience through difficult situations, Kei is here to talk about it and educate others through her own trials and also joys. Today she spoke of screaming during her smear test (it's not that bad, get your checks ladies) and how if your pee direction is a little strange post a hollywood wax... it's normal! You just have to love the honesty. 

"Connecting lonely hearts with time wasters since 2006"  | Copyright © Kei Maye

"Connecting lonely hearts with time wasters since 2006" | Copyright © Kei Maye

Kei has been in the world of design for well over 10 years however, she only started illustrating in 2017. Describing herself as an "awkward twenty something in London," (aren't we all? Well not twenty something, I'm way past that era haha), which basically means she is a REAL person - Kei is an incredible talent and a voice to be heard and listened to. On that note, do check out her works via her website and follow her on Instagram.  

“Wow, you’re actually really articulate!”  | Copyright © Kei Maye

“Wow, you’re actually really articulate!” | Copyright © Kei Maye