Sinéad Harnett - Body [Video]

Image via Sinéad Harnett Facebook

Image via Sinéad Harnett Facebook

Just over halfway into 2018, Sinéad Harnett gifts us with the artistically shot visual to her first solo single of the year, ‘Body.’

Garnering 3 million hits on YouTube with an honest, impressive rendition of the song in a live session with respected platform COLORS, singing “goodbye can’t seem to find my mouth,” the lyrics tell the story of failed attempts of liberation from a seemingly toxic romance and the result, playing on language synonymous with addiction throughout.

Featuring haunting production by Grades, reminiscent of their collaborative 2016 hit ‘If You Let Me’ and a memorable hook rounded by the statement “I’d rather be with you and be vulnerable,” Harnett’s pure vocal and flowing melodic lines contribute towards the atmospheric symbolism of beautiful dismay.

Using clever lighting tricks, great styling and contemporary movement, the visual communicates the premise behind the song both creatively and effectively.
As Sinéad Harnett continues to put her mark on the industry through her unique style of British R&B, it’s safe to say, the best is yet to come from her - Watch this space!