Etta Bond - Let Me Hit It [Video]

Etta Bond

With the popularity of her #SurfaceChallenge still sending waves of mass consciousness throughout social media, supported by the hundreds of artists and fans inspired by her single ‘Surface,’ Etta Bond returns with ‘Let Me Hit It’ - An impressive addition to her extensive back-catalogue of sensual Neo-R&B tracks.

Accompanied by a cool visual directed by Curtis Jehsta, consisting of scenes of her walking through a London estate with a pizza, displaying what the average Sunday chill might look like with ‘bae,’ Bond asks “How many times have you pictured me naked?” The song speaks on the behind-doors motions of a friendship between her and a muse, as it bleeds into romance. The lyrics “Boy, I know this could get messy,” illustrate the common conception that lovers and friends generally shouldn’t mix.

While I can’t say the song is a deviation from her previous work, I don’t think it’s trying to be either. With uniquely soulful production provided by Sons of Sonix, Bond has yet again successfully catered to her loyal audience, with all the things we love about her work. Great melodies, conversational lyricism, relatable content and focused vocal production.

It’s in my humble opinion, that this consistency in sound is what makes her such a respected artist, owing to her own lane. She competes with nobody, causing us to eagerly anticipate her contributions to music. There is only one Etta Bond.