Che Lingo - Mad Angle [Audio]

Che Lingo

Che Lingo is a British rapper already respected for his savvy lyricism and unique delivery. His name represents way more than just clever branding; He truly has found his own engaging way of communicating his truth with the world.

Boasting an anthemic hook, underpinned by a soulful guitar riff, this seasoned wordsmith uses ‘Mad Angle’ to demonstrate the necessary style, skills and vocabulary to eloquently say what a large majority of the male population have probably struggled to express to the women in their lives, at one time or another. “You’re already difficult to read, make it legible,” he raps. 

Punctuating the sultry, down-tempo production with a conversational ease, stating “I get it so I want you laying next to me, but not at the expense of the respect,” he shares his own perspective effectively, without discrediting the sensitivity of his female muse. These bars arguably act as an informative account of the modern male experience for women, as well as a relatable narrative for men - Well, as far as relationships go.

Though an experienced craftsman amongst his peers, this is an impressive feat for any artist; One I feel could only be achieved by accepting a responsibility to educate your audience through storytelling and musicianship.Combined with his BET endorsed hit ‘Black Girl Magic,’ it’s evident this fashionable artist carries himself with a certain level of diligence, when it comes to the opposite sex. Respect to you Che Lingo, for being a vessel of understanding to us all!