The Internet - Come Over [Video]

The internet

Following the single release and KAYTRANADA remix of Roll (Burbank Funk), The Internet are back with yet another wavy tune and video. Taken from the bands forthcoming fourth studio album 'HIVE MIND,' their new single 'Come Over' speaks about those times, when you just want your significant other or love interest, to come over and spend some time with you. Directed by the bands lead vocalist Syd, the video lends itself to showcase the individuality of each band member, through the use of prominent colours and choice of activity.  

My favourite scene in the video has to be when Syd is romantically performing and calling out to her love interest via their bedroom window, then comes a lady and her dog passing by. Slightly bewildered by the situation, the lady stops and stares but hey, it's 2018 so she gotta pull out her phone and capture this shit for the gram! 

'HIVE MIND' which represents the re-uniting of the band, since they each explored their solo careers is due for release on July 20th 2018 via Columbia Records.