IAMDDB - Drippy [Video]


There is an effortless coolness about IAMDDB, that we absolutely love! Probably because she is unapologetically herself, with absolutely zero fucks to what others think about her music or her personality. The Manchester raised artist returns with "Drippy," a boastful, self admiring track delivered in a typical IAMDDB sing/rap style, over a contagiously smooth  r&b infused trap production. It's one of those catch a vibe songs, whereby you and your friends perform the song to each other really loud, simply loving life and feeling damn sexy or on this instance, 'Drippy!'

Directed by Nolan Feldpusch, the video showcases IAMDDB lying in a bed of roses sporting ski inspired sunglasses, a tiger print leotard and the sexiest red-brown braids. 'Drippy' is the lead single taken from IAMDDB's forthcoming Flightmode Vol. 4 EP, which is due to drop sometime this week.