Radiant Children - Life's A Bitch [Video]

Life's A Bitch Press Shot

Introducing Radiant Children... An emerging trio based out of London Town and they are seriously something special. So special, they actually spent years working their magic behind the scenes for other artists as writers. Now they've decided to bring their talents to the frontline and in my opinion, this was a brilliant idea! 

Now I said Radiant Children were based out of London however, neither of them are originally from here. Tyler aka producer Lophiile (pronounced Low-File), grew up in Seattle, USA and has worked with the likes of Zedd, Skrillex, GoldLink, H.E.R, London's very own Ray BLK and many more. Producer/DJ Marco Bernardis hails from Glasgow, UK and vocalist Fabienne Holloway is reppin' West Midlands, UK. 

The trio debut with the single 'Life's A Bitch,' taken from their four track EP 'TRYIN,' due for release this summer. Fabienne's soulful vocal is stunning, with a tone that sprinkles a resemblance of Erykah Badu. A pretty powerful electric-blues/soul single, stating the facts that our lives are what they are, we should believe and listen to ourselves more, do what we want and roll with the punches as they come. Life is a balance, there will always be good times and most certainly the bad as well. The motto being, life is a bitch but at the end of the day we all die so why take it all that serious.

The video is ace! Basically the trio bust out a highly gifted young girl, from a locked down government facility, honing in on the lyrics about being yourself and not letting anyone dictate or control your life. The visual ends, with a sneak peak into the trio's second single 'Poke Bowl,' giving us more blues and soul inspired sounds to look forward to!     

These kids are definitely radiating so definitely check them out!