Yaeji - One More [Video]


Korean-American artist Yaeji releases a video for ‘One More,’ her follow up single, since last year’s club anthem ‘Raingurl.’

After last years EP2 drop, Yaeji is back with more experimentalism as she teams up with Alex Gvojic for the visuals for ‘One More.’ The video sees the Brooklyn singer and producer play on surrealism, as her quiet and dimly lit apartment is transformed into cosmo-chaos via CGI - eventually leading her to seemingly sing in the middle of a party. The video is a perfect fit for the house-pop inspired song, as Yaeji fluidly chimes between English and Korean. Yaeji is said to have stated that the song is about “enduring and coming to terms with pain until you have the strength to forgive and move on.”

However, you don’t need to understand Korean to appreciate Yaeji’s music. The use of different cultures, languages and music styles is what earn’t her the title of “house music’s most exciting new voice.” The almost-whisper-sing auto tuned vocals are easily repeatable, using simplistic loops and repetition to paint the futuristic music she is known for. Yaeji is a package of complexity and this is what grants her the merit of distinction, ‘One More’ proves to be yet another art piece.

Director Gvojic recently shared, “for the music video ‘One More’ I wanted to create a speculative reality in which our daily loops of banal existence, become a prison for our creative expression and forward progression.”

‘One More’ by Yaeji is available to stream and you can enjoy the video below.