Kelsey Lu - Due West [Video]

Kelsey Lu_DSTNGR

Experimental musician Kelsey Lu is back with new single ‘Due West,’ accompanied with a stunning video.

Following on from Lu’s ‘Shades of Blue,’ released earlier this year, ‘Due West’ directed by Cara Stricker & Mindy Le Brock, explores escapism and romanticises the notion of change. We see Kelsey Lu dance unconditionally in a number of sceneries, as her movement becomes her story telling. She sings about saying goodbye to her current self and traveling to California for a new start.

In a recent press release, Kelsey Lu was quoted saying that the song “is a continuation of the evolution of self. A continuous questioning of the romanticism of ‘home’ and what we leave behind in order to gain hope in what’s ahead.”

Director Mindy Le Brock is also Lu’s stylist for the video, picking out statement pieces which would complement the vibrancy of Los Angeles, as well as flow well with Lu’s dancing. In a recent interview with Vogue, Le Brock mentions that her selection of clothing for Lu “were driven strongly through the locations we were scouting.” The video proves to be a visual treat in both cinematography and fashion.

Kelsey Lu is expected to drop her next major project in 2019. For now, you can watch and enjoy ‘Due West’ below.