Che Lingo - Circles [Video]

Che Lingo_DSTNGR

TRIP, TRIP, TRIP! If you’re a real Che Lingo supporter, then you’ll know what this acronym stands for… “The Risk Is Proof!” It’s Che’s motto, he lives and breathes this statement and it’s ‘tattooed’ on his arm! Che is most definitely a risk taker, one who’s endeavours have developed him into an outstandingly unique UK artist. A South London born rapper, who doesn’t spit over drill or grime beats. You would think these kind of rapper’s don’t even exist. They do and Che Lingo is one of them!

Che’s been busy and he’s getting even busier… a successful headline show in the bag this year, to rolling out his single ‘No Sidekicks’ featuring the likes of Mick Jenkins but nah, it doesn’t stop there. This month, Che drop’s his new single and visuals for ‘Circles’ and my man is SINGING! None of this rap ‘singy’ stuff neither, Che is actually reaching a couple high notes and you know what, I’m absolutely loving it!

Now, not only was I impressed by the hidden vocal range on this young talent but the subject matter on this track is also a win. Che’s music is always relatable, his artistry is very real and comes from the heart, through his own experiences of common situations. It’s not every day rapper’s speak about love and distress, well unless you’re Drake but on a real, it’s just not typically done in such a TRUE and vulnerable way. Che shares his emotion with us on ‘Circles,’ he explains the head fuck we can all get into, when there is just that one person on our mind. Nothing else matters, we may drift for a moment but we always circle right back to those fixed thoughts.

Directed by Dumas Haddad and Che Lingo himself, the visuals are smooth with an absolute creative edge, not that I would expect any less from Che. The editorial tone on the video, visually brings ‘Circles’ to life magnificently. Simple but effective and the choice of colours in this clip, are perfection.

Peep the video for yourselves below and be sure to stream ‘Circles’ by Che Lingo for your listening pleasures.