Mahalia & Kojey Radical - One Night Only [Video]

One Night Only_DSTNGR

These two make serious magic when they jump on a track together and I hope it doesn’t stop at this! I’ve heard they’ve been making music together for quite a while now however, my first insight to this, was with the release of Kojey’s ‘Water (If Only They Knew)’ video mash up, featuring Mahalia - that was an absolute masterpiece and so is this!

‘One Night Only,’ delivers yet another incredible body of work from Mahalia and Kojey Radical. Here are two extremely promising UK acts, both of whom transpire great depth of emotion through their music and together, they create some seriously powerful vibes. There is so much to speak on… the subject matter is one that many can relate to. Women coming together, to stand up against the wrongdoings of certain types of men is important. Having the strength to say no, I’m a queen so treat me like one - this is necessary.

The poetic moment in the song, is what really comes to life for me. Mahalia recites her words strong, yet vulnerable, hurt but firm. Sharing the fact that a man’s done her wrong but at the end of it all, she’s still weak for the connection. Kojey’s verses give the song that necessary edge, ensuring this isn’t just another ‘anti-man’ track. Showcasing the somewhat complex mind of a man, as to why they may act and do the things they do.

The visuals are portrayed beautifully, an array of stunning black females, gracefully poised with the demeanour of true queens. We need more music visuals that look like this! We need more music, that depicts meaningful commentary like this song does. For now, I’m not gonna lie, I seriously want more greatness from Mahalia and Kojey, this is UK music at it’s finest.