Little Simz - Boss [Video]

Little Simz_Boss_DSTNGR

She’s a BOSS in a fucking dress! Looking absolutely stunning may I also add…

After being on a worldwide tour and working on her third studio album, for the most part of 2018, Little Simz is back, about it and wasting no time whatsoever. It wasn’t long ago that she finished her tour and announced that she’s completed her forthcoming album! In fact, the announcement was on August 5th via Instagram, whilst dealing with a seemingly impatient Uber driver over the phone.

Fast forward to November and we’ve not been disappointed. Two singles ‘Offence’ and ‘Boss’ dropped back to back… say no more. The visuals for ‘Offence’ were absolute FIRE, hence why we included it in our ‘DISCOVER Picks Vol. 4’ feature. Now, we have the visuals for ‘Boss’ to watch and enjoy.

The powerful, predominantly black and white visuals, allow us to purely focus on the subject at hand… Little Simz! Lyrically reminding us why she holds the boss title, as she effortlessly drops sharp liners and personal facts for days.

Directed by Jeremy Ngatho Cole, the video captures Little Simz in her element. The visuals are creatively effective with the use of CGI and lo-fi styled footage. On that note, I’m patiently looking forward to the next release and also the album!