Jacob Banks - Slow Up [Video]

Jacob Banks_DSTNGR

Singer-songwriter Jacob Banks taps into the importance of human connection, in his newly released video for ‘Slow Up.’

Taken from Banks debut album ‘Village,’ the visuals for ‘Slow up’ are directed by Mo Swaleh and Banks himself. The cinematography beautifully marries the concept Banks expresses in his lyrics, slowing down to appreciate the humanity we have with one another. We get to see the narratives of different relationships, from mother and daughter, young friendships to relationships. Banks then uses contradictory imagery of frailness to show how much we take human connection for granted, depicting a woman consumed in loneliness to a man bleeding on the ground by himself.

The message behind ‘Slow Up’ is stressed through Bank’s distinctive voice and emotive lyrics. He sings, “what I’ve learnt from a soldier, every man is a son to a daughter and we only remember when we see the blood.” Banks use of visuals and lyricism is composed excellently, first introducing us to the innocence of youth, the safety of home and as the beat becomes disjointed, we are shown the violations that take place when the empathy for one another is lost.

Jacob Bank’s album Village is available to stream now. Like what you hear? You can join him on his UK and European tour, which kicks off in the Netherlands later this month.