Ray BLK - Mama [Video]


Ray BLK thanks her mother with heart touching visuals for her track ‘Mama,’ taken from her newly released album ‘Empress.’

Directed by Joshua Neale, the video is mainly shot inside Rye Chapel based in Peckham, South East London. Before the song kicks off, we see Ray and her gospel group getting ready to perform for the church congregation, a behind the scenes insight into a choir’s regime of prayer and vocal warm ups. The rest of the video showcases Ray’s performance, as her mother watches on from the congregation. The lyrics celebrate the empowerment Ray feels her mother has given to her, as well as the appreciation felt in the bond between them.

“When you see me smiling when I feel down, I get that from my mama, it doesn’t matter what I make or where I go in this world, gotta get back to my mama.”

We eventually see Ray joining her mother in the crowd, passing the mic on to her to finish the chorus. The song borrows from Joe Sample’s 1978 ‘In All My Wildest Dreams’ and carries the universal message of appreciating the sacrifices parents make for their children, and in her case a single mother who worked tirelessly hard to raise three children.

Ray BLK is among the new era of visionary UK artists, connecting her music with the roots that raised her. You can stream her new album ‘Empress’ now.