Kith teams up with Greg Lauren for 'Ivy League Draft' collection

Ivy League Draft_DSTNGR_Header

From the minds of Kith’s Ronnie Fieg and Ralph Lauren’s nephew, Greg Lauren comes a one of a kind collection titled ‘Ivy League Draft,’ that is both disruptive and filled with strong themes of Americana.

Lifestyle brand Kith produces a range of its own apparel alongside major collaborations, as well as many cult streetwear brands. One of these major collaborations is with L.A. based Designer Greg Lauren. With explicit military references that are so synonymous with the Greg Lauren aesthetic, and connections to a dystopian fantasy, the collection pushes the boundaries on how we imagine classic menswear. Released November 9th, the pieces are reconstructed with a variety of vintage materials including military fabric, Carhartt canvas, and denim.

We are living in an era awash with mismatch prints and the trend of clashing fabrics. However, to completely distort fabrics and weave them together into something undisciplined and wild, is exactly what this collaboration has done. It’s pushing the envelope to its limit.

The collection features an array of items; from lounge pants, hoodies and even a kimono. All 26 styles are all handcrafted.

Apparently only three of each style were available, means you had to be quick on your toes to cop an item! Keen with a wad of cash (as you’ll need quite a sum), visit to see if anything’s still up for grabs.