Odunsi feat RAYE - Tipsy [Video]

Odunsi The Engine_DSTNGR

What’s most exciting about music, is its ability to change and shift over time. Gone are the days of specific genres or expected sounds, only coming from particular areas of the world. The Afrobeat resurgence has been majorly impactful across Africa and it’s diaspora around the globe however, it’s formulaic approach was becoming a little over done.

A new wave of music has been identified in Nigeria, pushing the boundaries on the countries traditional sounds. Organically developed from a fast growing movement within Lagos known as the Alté scene (meaning alternative), the youths of the Nigerian capital are coming together, to experiment and challenge the norms across both music and fashion. Along with Santi, Odunsi (The Engine) is one of the incredible music acts at the forefront of this scene.

At just 22 years, he’s already released his first album entitled ‘rare.’ featuring an array of eclectic music acts such as Hamzaa, DaVido, duendita, Santi (of course) and Tay Iwar. The features alone clearly showcase the international influences, derived from Odunsi’s sound.

The UK is given it’s first introduction to Odunsi with the release of ‘Tipsy’ featuring RAYE. Now signed to a major label, I personally can hear the commercial difference within his sound. It does slightly take away from the original rawness, which enabled the music to be so great. Nonetheless, it’s still a smooth and sultry offering for your playlists updates.