Santi - Sparky [Video]


Nigerian rapper and singer Santi, blesses us with his first release of 2019 ‘Sparky’ and boy is it a serious vibe. Although the visuals are somewhat distressing with the murder of a young boy, Santi’s ability to commentate and depict struggle, whilst delivering feel good music is absolutely incredible. It’s this very contrast, that drew me in to becoming an instant fan of his creativity and music.

Just last year I came across Santi, with the release of his track ‘Rapid Fire’ which we absolutely loved and featured in our Discover Picks [Music] Vol. 5 feature. His multi-genre infused sound, takes on many influences from around the globe. Hearing his vocal and flow for the first time, you may expect him to be from the Caribbean however, the new-wave / future beats and electronic sounds within his production, takes you on a genuine whirlwind. It’s impossible to place Santi’s sound to a specific genre or location.

Santi’s been around for a minute, having consistently released a number of projects and visuals since 2016. Most of the visuals he’s either directed or co-directed himself, proving he’s an extremely talented, multi-disciplined creative. With such an expressive and raw talent, I definitely expect more greatness from Santi - so whilst we wait, I urge you to check out ‘Sparky’ below and get hip to his back catalogue via Spotify. Seriously, he is amazing!