Knucks - Rice & Stew [Video]


Like a fine wine, Knucks gets better and better as his career progresses. It almost seems as if he never misses and now, he’s back with the first single ‘Rice & Stew’ off his forthcoming project.

The video pays homage to a concept that most of us may be familiar with; the storage of food in ice cream bowls by our parents. Who even started this trend? Nobody knows but Knucks details this phenomenon perfectly within the song’s hook, “baby, you the rice in my ice cream tub.” The collocation of the imagery of the lyrics and the eye catching video, which features a young family eating rice & stew, for what seems to be their first time, help make for a song that is guaranteed to stick in your head.

Regularly stated as one of the UK’s most underrated acts, it seems to be a matter of when, rather than if, for when Knucks’ career really starts to blow people out of the water. With the backing of Island Records and a new project on the way, it may be much sooner than later.

Stream ‘Rice & Stew’ here and watch the video down below.