J. Cole - Middle Child [Video]

Image sourced via Billboard | Photography by Wesley Mann

Image sourced via Billboard | Photography by Wesley Mann

J. Cole is an absolute legend… Always has been and always will be. Firstly ‘Middle Child’ is an absolute banger! As with most of his recent music, Cole has nicely mastered the balance required to deliver his consciousness into the club’s and we are so here for it.

Cole has never been one to shy away from the truths of society. Focusing heavily on the entertainment industry, he’s letting off shots and he’s extremely clear on his targets. He ain’t here for the bullshit and quite frankly, neither are we.

Directed by Mez (and apparently his first), the visuals for ‘Middle Child’ give great emphasis to Cole’s consciousness however, somewhat indirectly. Award shows to mass massacre, absolutely powerful. Mounted rapper taxidermy heads, representing the exploitation of culture and it’s cycle of washed up artists being used for the moment, then ending up as just another plaque on a music exec’s wall. Ending the visual, the baby hair’s being culturally appropriated, explicitly so - it’s actually sickening. J. Cole we thank you for the honesty and your continued efforts to educate the lost souls.

Watch ‘Middle Child’ below and open up your mind to that real, REAL…