303 - Whisper [Video]

New British girl band, 303

New British girl band, 303

Say hello to the newest British girl band, 303. Trio Maddie, Io and Chloe released a video for their debut single ‘Whisper,’ serving us studded flip phones, satin sheets and 90’s R&B nostalgia.

Directed by Molly Daniel, ‘Whisper’ takes on the classic concept of late-night phone calls with your crush - but on your Nokia flip phone from back in 2001. The girl’s channel iconic groups like Mis-Teeq and TLC with pristine layered harmonies and a catchy chorus to match. The video draws on old-school 90’s influence with retro transitions, funky set designs and furry crop tops.

Speaking about the music video, 303 shared, “filming the video was a totally new experience but from the first frame, we felt so at ease and had so much fun, having a female team was amazing too.” These girls definitely bring something we haven't seen in a while and with the lack of girl groups in the UK music market, here's hoping 303 get the come up they deserve.

303 have also dropped an acoustic version of ‘Whisper’ which is just as fresh as the original, showcasing each of the girls vocal abilities.

Stream ‘Whisper’ now and watch the video below.