GoldLink - Justine's Interlude | A COLORS SHOW [Video]


Have you ever listened to a song and it felt like a full body high? Like the instrumental and the lyrics were working together harmoniously to remind you to drink your water and even made sure that you are using a satin durag because we left polyester in 2018? That’s how I have historically felt about GoldLink’s music and unlike polyester, that same feeling wasn’t left in 2018.

A few days ago GoldLink released a brand new freestyle on COLORS entitled ‘Justine’s Interlude.’ Produced by WavelQ, the freestyle acts as a sort of ode to his friends and the thoughts of someone who just wanted to get something off his chest quickly.

Albeit short, there is a lot of introspection here. GoldLink alludes to rumours surrounding Justine (we’ll let you figure out which Justine it is) and her speaking out about her abuse. “I'm tired of hearing bout’ if this nigga put hands on you,” performs GoldLink. Whether or not trying to push through the noise is actually making things worse he raps, “tired of tryna smile through shit that's affecting us, then I get to overthinking if I'm here messing up.” He makes chilling reference to being with the late Mac Miller just before his death and the mind state he was in. “Talkin’ bout’ love and loss, then he mentioned Ariana mama and newer songs, never told a soul, but I knew he was dead all along,” states GoldLink.

This is the DC natives second appearance on COLORS - check it out below.