Chloe x Halle - Cool People [Video]

Chloe x Halle

Grammy nominated sisters Chloe and Halle closed 2018 by dropping a live performance visual for their song ‘Cool People,’ a soulful tribute to all those that water our growth.

‘Cool People’ is taken off Chloe X Halle’s debut self-written and produced album ‘The Kids are Alright.’ Producer Malay, holds credit for penning ‘Cool People’ also. The duo draw influence from their Atlanta roots and harness the soothing sound of R&B, with their angelic voices. Followed with the songs message of remembering the “cool people” that give you the energy to carry on in your most desolate days. The heartfelt chorus sings, “darling when you smile it’s like the rain dries out, now there’s no more room for clouds… When you hold my hand it just reminds me of, there's still cool people in the world.”

The video which was shot at the YouTube space in NYC, shows the girls simply performing their stunning song in front of a black backdrop, no glitter no glamour, a befitting way to honour the moral of the song. The Beyoncé signed proteges are sculpting their own lane with their dynamic harmonies and distinctive presence, expect big things.

Stream ‘The Kids are Alright’ here and watch the video for ‘Cool People’ below.