James Vickery - Until Morning EP [Stream]

James Vickery

South London based singer-songwriter James Vickery, may have been brought to your attention recently with the release of his ‘Until Morning’ Colors show performance. If not, there are 3 million views to suggest why you should check him out immediately.

Not only are his vocals absolutely incredible, James delivers magical music. Music for the lovers, the kind we coin as ‘baby making’ music. Sexy and smooth soulful R&B, just like the good old tunes from the 90’s.

‘Until Morning’ is the second EP release from James, featuring the title track that you will most definitely fall in love with. ‘Got To Be You’ featuring East London rapper Mikill Pane, is an absolute tune. The bass line alone, will create the urge for you to reload and repeat over and over. ‘Tonight,’ although only an interlude is short but very sweet, delivering the funk and also vibes of Justin Timberlake. The four track EP ends with 'Violet,' another deep felt soulful number, reminding us exactly why we need a bit of Mr Vickery in our lives. Could he be the musical love doctor that we all intensely need right now? I think so… seriously!  

James Vickery is definitely one to watch and if you like what you hear, he’s performing at London’s Jazz Cafe on Monday 17th September. With a vocal range like his, it’s bound to be a killer show and I for sure, will not be missing it.