Monique Lawz - 4 Minutes (Remix) feat. Sona [Video]

Monique Lawz

Apparently he's only got 4 minutes! What you reckon ladies? Personally, I say ZERO minutes but then again, Sona can get a couple days mate (haha)! I joke, well actually I'm very serious. Let me just stop right there and actually speak about this remix... 

North London based singer-songwriter Monique Lawz, originally released the single '4 Minutes' produced by ATG Musick, back in February 2018. With radio support from the likes of 1Xtra and BBC Introducing, the Caribbean inspired, fun-loving track was a favourite amongst plenty of ladies. I'm sure we've all experienced a time-wasting love interest or two therefore, setting a time limit seems absolutely necessary. As always, Monique's beautiful melody creates the ultimate sing along with "you better run run, now you gon' run, I wont wait forever," sweetly followed by an additional verse from Afro-Swing artist Sona for the remix, claiming that he's running and on his way if she's down for it.

Capturing the joys and bumper cars at a local funfair, the video showcases Monique and Sona's game playing amongst each other (dripping in Fila and Marbek clothing), then finally giving in to enjoy the day together. The song's only 3 minutes long so I guess Sona arrived on time :-)