The Internet - La Di Da [Video]

the internet

‘La Di Da’ is a single that is two-fold. Lyrically it stresses the complexities of dance floor politics, over a funk groove and a now-classic Lacy guitar riff. It’s also evident to The Internet’s growth musically – softer vocals and more sincere lyrics, ‘La Di Da’ chases intimacy and focuses on the small and silly nuances that listeners can relate to.  

With shared vocals between lead singer Syd and guitarist Steve Lacy, the picture is painted clearly; Syd confidently displays her right not to embrace ones request to groove, whilst Lacy portrays he ain't here for the chat whatsoever, he simply wants to dance but only if the vibe is right! ‘La Di Da’ remains simultaneously separate and together, combined with Patrick Paige’s rubbery bass and Matt Martians on keys, the track is insanely smooth and a standout from the band’s recently released album, Hive Mind.

Paired with an equally cool video which delivers lo-fi easy-going, summer vibes - directed by Martians and edited by Syd, ‘La Di Da’ is a surefire summer groove. The video fades to black, with Syd reappearing alone and performing the intro of 'Wanna Be,' also taken from the Hive Mind album.