Estelle - Better [Video]

Image via Estelle Facebook

Image via Estelle Facebook

"No one in the world can love you better..." sings British singer-songwriter Estelle, in new single 'Better.' Fact or not, we are loving the come back, which comes in the form of 'Lover's Rock,' a fifth studio album by the Grammy Award-winning artist.

Produced by Harmony Samuels, 'Better' serves both a Caribbean and African energy with it's use of native percussions, from steel pans to a vibraslap at the start of the song. With a nod to the 1997 R&B hit 'I Can Love You' by Mary J. Blige featuring Lil' Kim, Estelle confidently relays that her love is unmatchable. The visuals directed by Denzel Williams, start of subtle with Estelle dressed in Emerald green and gold... lots of gold! The scene then develops to Estelle performing to her love interest, in what seems to be nothing BUT a few bits of gold jewellery and then escalating into a full blown caribbean style party. 

'Lover's Rock' is said to be Estelle's most personal album. Unlike past releases, the West London born singer reaches from her West Indian roots, to deliver a fully fledged reggae album. The album is expected to give fans a fusion of R&B and hip hop, whilst also playing homage to her native Grenada. Not only is this new album spiced with reggae flavour - but also afro beats and Soca. 

'Lover's Rock' is due for release September 7th 2018.