Nao - Another Lifetime [Video]


After taking the world by storm in 2016 with her unique voice, edgy sounds and a string of impressive live performances, promoting her debut album during her previous European tour, the ‘Bad Blood’ singer-songwriter, producer and Guildhall Music graduate Nao is back with the exciting new single ‘Another Lifetime.’

Although unrequited love is not an alien topic to this artist, as illustrated throughout her album ‘For All We Know’ on songs like ‘Blue Wine,’ ‘Fool To Love’ and ‘In The Morning,’ something does feel different this time. Along with a slightly more subtle sound, yet more adventurous vocal delivery contrasting some of her previous work, she sings “I know how to make mistakes, wasn't grown enough to fake them” and “How I wish perfect was enough for my own heart,” sharing a new level of maturity through her lyricism, as well as the accompanying musical and vocal production.

Has Nao experienced a break-up in recent years or, is this simply a reflection of a new understanding of a past connection? Hopefully an upcoming project will shed light and give a wider context on where her artistic expression meets her personal experience as albums, EP’s & LP’s often do for fans like myself.

I’ll be anticipating what this talented pioneer has in the pipeline as she continues to carve her own lane in the industry, whilst the landscape of U.K. music continues to evolve - If ‘Another Lifetime’ is anything to go by, it will be worth the wait!