Ama Lou – DDD [Video]

Ama Lou

We are entering a new realm of artist creativity, and as a result, music projects are doubling up as visuals. It’s a risky move, and it sets a high precedent of content from which an artist must continually follow. However, 19 year old Londoner, Ama Lou, is cut from a different cloth. 

Her latest project ‘DDD,’ is not just an ordinary EP. It’s a journey into the wilderness, that takes her from the regretful ‘Tried Up’ to the reflective ‘Wrong Lesson,’ and ends in the soulful ‘Wire.’

Gone are the days of 20 track albums and EPs; the fans don’t want to hear that anymore. The fans want creative think pieces, that are concise and gripping. That is exactly what Ama Lou has managed to do here, whilst still managing to maintain a graceful but aloof aesthetic. 

With a North American tour alongside Jorja Smith just round the corner, Ama Lou is a name that will be on everybody’s lips very soon.