Chip - Darth Vader [Video]


Chip... in my opinion, actually one of the best MCs/rappers of our generation. He never fails to deliver the realist of bars and he's going in, on this one! Darth Vader, produced by Lil Silva and Sampha is a call out on a number of things; lack of individuality in the music scene, the dishonesty in music - specifically calling out MCs who claim to be living criminal lifestyles however, their reality differs. The lyric that touched me the most is this:  

"These days if you not chatting bout crud, then the 'yout dem' don't wanna hear it. It's for the 'yout dem' that I'm fearing. A generation without caring. Too many parents burying their kids, when kids should be burying parents."  

Sadly, we're living in a time whereby younger generations simply lack empathy for life. They are getting too caught up in these falsely depicted lifestyles, believing that following these wrongful paths, are the only options they have. Well it's about time people with influence, take responsibility for the messages being served to their fans. Yes life on the streets is real but don't lie and certainly do not glamorise the lifestyle. If you are about it, cool talk about it but be sure to talk about the consequences as well.  

Simple but smooth, the black and white visual for Darth Vader is clean cut. Directed by Carly Cussen alongside Chip himself, the video was shot on a Phantom, a high speed video camera used to create super-slow motion shots. On that note, be sure to look out for the epic 'shot' (literally) of Chip in slow motion.