Ash Walker - Finishing Touch feat. Laville [Video]

Ash Walker_DSTNGR

London's very own jazz prodigy Ash Walker, takes us into a dreamy and bright world with his latest music video for his track ‘Finishing Touch’ feat singer-songwriter Laville. Taken from Ash’s upcoming album ‘Aquamarine,’ the song has a strong neo-soul jazz vibe and sets a big mood for the album, which will drop next week on 19th July.

The visuals for the video depict Ash's bright, colourful, serene and infrared planet which makes the darkness of another far off planet more transparent. Laville soothes us with his smooth and melodic vocal singing, “it’s only the moonlight that makes me see into you” and in the video we see multi-instrumentalist Ash, stroking strings and playing keys. Meanwhile, anxiety and panic loom on another planet that is trapped in the matrix and is frantically seeking a connection to the singing voice that promises to be “here whenever.”

The video was directed by Louis Hvejsel-Bork and was shot using an infrared camera with a filter that replicates the vintage Kodak Aerochrome look. There is only one company in the US that produces this filter, which was specially ordered for this video. In the past, Aerochrome film was used by the military, governments and scientists for aerial photography. It was then later adopted by pop culture icons such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and Frank Zappa to create a colourful aesthetic, that we now associate with those artists and that era.

The attention to detail, like using a filter that replicates Aerochrome aesthetics - previously used for aerial surveillance in juxtaposition to CCTV and computer screens, emphasises the care, work and thought that went into producing this unique masterpiece of a video. Watch the video for yourself and be transported to an astral planet full of rhythm and vibes.

For the launch of the ‘Aquamarine’ album next week, Ash Walker and his band will play live on 20th July at a secret Central London location. Get your tickets here.