IAMDDB - Urban Jazz [Video]


IAMDDB lets us into the world of live shows and tours with ‘Urban Jazz,’ her second release from her most recent EP Swervvvvv.5.

The ‘behind the scenes’ styled video which is visualised in black and white, follows IAMDDB from a recent tour which took place across Europe - showcasing footage of her travels in the lead up to the singer totally dominating the stage. The 23-year old’s distinct R&B/Trap style has made waves across the industry as she’s been continuing her story through a series of upbeat EP’s, which started back in 2016 with Waeveybby. As the title suggests, this new release is a lot more mellow, with the smoothest of baselines and an infectious piano loop. Perhaps now, there’s a slight shift in sound for IAMDDB.

‘Urban Jazz’ seems to be a befitting nod towards the music she has crafted for herself, explaining to Vogue in a recent interview that the term ‘Urban Jazz’ originated from her spending six months in Angola with her father, playing at Jazz festivals.

Watch the video below and be sure to stream Swervvvvv.5 on Spotify also.