Amindi, Tessellated & Valleyz – Pine & Ginger (Remix) feat. Popcaan & Kranium [Audio]


In 2017 Amindi (also known as Amindi K. Fro$t) alongside Tessellated & Valleyz, released ‘Pine & Ginger’ into the universe. Two years later, just when we thought the song couldn’t get any better, we’ve been blessed with a new rendition.

The LA-native has enlisted Jamaica’s finest and the greatest man alive, Popcaan as well as Kranium for the remix. Not only has it given new life to the song which has already lasted two years, it has also provided us with this gem of a line from Popcaan:

“Tomorrow promised to no one, hmm yeah/rub up pon mi like a bottle ah roll on.”

I don’t know about you - but I can’t wait to recite this to the love of my life at the altar on my wedding day.

Listen to the Pine & Ginger remix below...