Pauli The PSM - Big Belly Flow (Push It Back)


What is there not to love about this track and video by artist/musician Pauli The PSM? Firstly, the bass line on the production is damn right disgusting! Spin this in any club and hands down, it’s poppin’ off. An experimental dance offering, infused with lyrical banter that is both complete and utter nonsense, yet somewhat genius. It’s fun, it’s catchy, it’s quirky and the emoji styled animated face is just brilliant!

Directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat with added graphics by Virtual Super Land, ‘Big Belly Flow (Push It Back)’ follows the release of Pauli The PSM’s ‘Life of a Badman’ four-track EP, exploring the challenges of hyper masculinity, new age dating, infidelity and second chances.

Check out the visuals for ‘Big Belly Flow (Push It Back) below and you can stream ‘Life of a Badman’ here.