Jaden Smith - Watch Me (Remix) [Video]

Jaden Smith_Watch Me Remix_DSTNGR

Jaden Smith’s ‘Watch Me’ went viral when it first dropped back in July 2017 - but the young star isn’t quite done with the track just yet. His latest single is a remixed version of the rock inspired original, accompanied by a new beat and fresh visuals from the Far East.

We’re talking Japanese arcade machines and Monopoly money. The location for ‘Watch Me (Remix)’ takes place in the deserted backstreets of Japan. Smith is accompanied by two East Asian women in pink wigs, counting Monopoly money and playing on arcade machines. Smith acts as the hustler, throwing around his colourful 10’s and 50’s whilst flaunting the women on his arms.

As with most of Smith’s music videos, he raps at the camera and walks through compelling backdrops, only this time it’s international. The cinematography is pristine and the beat is heavier in trap influence compared to its softer original, proving that sometimes remixes can outshine its predecessor.

Check out Jaden Smith’s reinventing of ‘Watch Me’ below: