Mick Moon x YASMYN - Forbidden Fruit [Video]


Creativity is at its finest when it’s purposeful, wouldn’t you agree? In a time where art forms are so easily disposable and music is heavily saturated, with lack of any real meaning or positive messaging - I really do cherish artists and creatives who make us stop and think. So, allow me to take you on a trip to the North of Europe, Estonia to be precise and I’ll introduce you to siblings Mick Moon and YASMYN.

Fusing their Estonian/Dominican heritage to create music both individually and collaboratively, Mick Moon delivers experimentally conscious hip hop, whilst YASMYN set’s her emotions free, with sultry R&B vocals laced over trippy trap beats, in a similar style to the UK’s IAMDDB. Now that’s them individually, in collaboration it’s somewhat even more magical, as you will hear and see with their new release ‘Forbidden Fruit.’ With both siblings singing in beautiful harmony, reminiscing of their childhood sweet sensations, the result becomes a wonderfully melodic, floaty and truthful expression of emotion in dedication to a late family member.

Directed by Anrike Piel, the visuals are incredibly enticing as it draws us in to think about our very own social responsibilities. As an advocate for social justice through visual art, Piel translates a poetic reflection of over consumerism and its consequences. Using an array of materials and props, immersed into the creative direction and styling, the visual clearly portrays waste as trashion. Ultimately sharing the narrative that we (humans) are the kings of pollution.

A beauty of a song, with impactful visuals to match ‘Forbidden Fruit’ is the perfect introduction to this sibling pairing. Watch the video below and when you’re done, be sure to check out Mick Moon and YASMYN’s solo releases. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!