Nas - Cops Shot The Kid [Video]


With the rising potency of political rap and the state of America, it should come as no surprise that Nas might’ve been sitting on a word or two. A player of the rap game since ’91, his 2018 record ‘Nasir’ marked his first in over 5 years. The project executively produced by Kanye West, steeped in praise for its social consciousness.

The jewel at the centre of the album’s crown ‘Cops Shot The Kid’ comes to true life when accompanied by it’s potent music video. A cacophony of gunshots during the intro, offer pace and panic to the exploration of police brutality, racially-oriented attacks and the disadvantages of the brown.

While Kanye’s trademark drawl for the second verse might be hard to take seriously, considering the rappers recent political leanings, there is no denying that the production is exemplary – dangerous and vibrant, it’s exactly what Kanye does best. The result? A stark listen, but a valuable one.