Amaal - Not What I Thought [Video]

Amaal Nuux_DSTNGR

Toronto based singer, songwriter and activist Amaal Nuux is back and regaining centre stage, sharing her mystical new single ‘Not What I Thought,’ accompanied with some stunning visuals.

Directed by Sean Brown, with creative input by Amaal herself, the video interprets the angelic harmonies of Amaal’s vocals, by exhibiting her isolation in some of the most scenic locations around Iceland. The powerful ballad is the first release from her upcoming debut EP and explores the questions that remain after heartbreak, second guessing everything said and done between two lovers. “Not what I thought it was, not what I thought,” Amaal repeats in the chorus, standing amidst the stunning black sand of Reynisfjara.

Amaal says about the video, “I wanted to represent my oneness with the earth in all these raw majestic places. Showing that regardless of the hurt caused, we are powerful beyond measure."

‘Not What I Thought’ sets the bar high, and if it's one thing we aren't sleeping on, its Amaal’s upcoming debut EP. You can stream ‘Not What I Thought’ and watch the breath-taking video below.