Kelsey Lu - I'm Not In Love [Video]

Kelsey Lu_DSTNGR

Experimental singer Kelsey Lu unveils a haunting cover of 70’s hit ‘I’m Not in Love’ with an atmospheric short horror film to match.

The North-Carolina native reconstructs the original pop song by British band 10cc, resulting in something only Kelsey Lu can do. The delicate rendition delivers on its uneasy synth, paired with the sounds of a fragile heartbeat and vocals which encapsulate the feeling of lucidity felt during rage. As with any of Lu’s expressive videos, the eerie visuals surely follow suit.

The seven-minute clip is directed by fellow artist Alima Lee, telling the story of love that turned tragic. Dead body, bloody floorboards and a sinful act, we see Lu’s murderous rampage drift into a trance like state. She dances in an uncontrollable manner in her white nightgown while peering out of a window in her mountain peak house. Further imagery of Lu’s bare skin, satin bed sheets and her adorned braids which she swings around, is nothing short of memorising. The marriage between the song and visuals are sheer imaginative, borderline uneasy, but that’s the beauty of Lu’s art.

You can stream / buy ‘I’m Not in Love’ here and watch the visuals below.