RAY BLK - Empress [Video]


It’s really amazing when music has the ability to hit home. A beautiful song that’s both relevant and extremely necessary, for the girls and women of today’s generation. ‘Empress’ by singer-songwriter RAY BLK is that song.

The South London based singer shares her experiences of guys she’s dated but simply had to drop, as they didn’t meet the mark. Why? Because she knows her value, self worth and it’s as simple as that. Lack of self love is an issue that many people (not just women), face throughout their lives. The ability to truly love yourself, is to know what is and isn’t right for you and to omit the things and people, that cause you any type of harm, physical or mental.

The visuals set in a theatre style auditorium, showcase a stunning RAY BLK dressed in an oversize white puffer, performing her boy stories amongst empty seats. The scene then transforms to dozens of women, a few you will recognise, simply existing in solidarity around the statements RAY BLK sings. As the camera takes focus on the likes of Julie Adenuga, Maya Jama, songwriter Carla Marie and more, the strong female audience mime along to the chorus, creating the ultimate impact and importance for every girl and women to know that they themselves, are an Empress.

To love yourself, is the most magical love to ever experience. Well done for this one RAY BLK! ‘Empress’ is most definitely a powerful one!