EXCLUSIVE | J.A.E - Love Me Right [Audio]


Just days after the tragic loss of soul Queen, Aretha Franklin, it is reinvigorating to hear soul fighting strong in all of its modernity. South London songstress J.A.E demonstrates the power of her vocals on new single ‘Love Me Right.’ J.A.E’s velvet serenade transports us to a time in the 90s, when soul was accelerated to an ubiquitous level of jazz-infused, experimental R&B greatness.

J.A.E’s lyrical prowess sings, “This ain’t no ordinary love song. This is my plea, for a better man than the ones who be chasing after me,” the sentiment here is about knowing your worth and not settling for anything less. The narrative creates an honest blend of female empowerment fused with a youthful yearning for real “no bullshit” love. Our storyteller has either experienced her fair share of hurt or she is cleverly warning herself away from romantic pain, by waiting for the right person. “There are no fairy tales, where the villain takes the lead,” sings J.A.E. ‘Love Me Right’ is more than a personal account, it is a pertinent message for women.

Starting her journey as a poet, under the alias Jae Poet, J.A.E merged music with poetry into a self-named concept, “Moetry.” Now focusing on her musical career, built on a foundation of musical greats from Aretha to Ella Fitzgerald, Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse. Just how ‘Love Me Right’ is "no ordinary love song," J.A.E is certainly preparing us for anything but ordinary.

Produced by ATG Musick, ‘Love Me Right’ follows J.A.E’s debut single ‘Situationship,’ both of which are available on Spotify and all digital streaming platforms now.