Lehin - Nothin' Like [Audio]


"All I know is a 9-5 aint cuttin' it," the realest of lyrics from emerging artist Lehin, who last week released his new single 'Nothin' Like' and you know what, there isn't really nothin' like this out at the moment. Soothingly melodic UK rap, the kind you simply want to chill, relax and vibe to - the kind that you can simply leave on repeat because the sounds of the keys are therapeutic, the lyrical content is pure and the flow, some what contagious.

Born in London but now based in Manchester, British-Nigerian Lehin has spent the last couple of years learning how to play the piano and mastering his jazz and R&B influenced hip hop sound, by working with producers Thomas Strike and Finlay Green. The result of which comes in the form of Lehin's forthcoming EP, entitled 'E.Q.' Speaking about the project, Lehin shares, “E.Q. is a play on the terms emotional intelligence and the music production function of Equalising sound. There isn't a word for every feeling in any one language but there is a note or combination of notes that satisfies every feeling. I am hoping people listen to the lyrics and/or the music and feel something real to them."

'Nothin' Like' touches on those memorable emotions that we face in life, from something as simple as hearing a new tune for the first time or perhaps our first kiss? Lehin clearly shares how these moments were nothing like anything else but we do hope, the rest of his EP is just like this new single.

E.Q. is due for release in 2019 but for now you can stream 'Nothin' Like on Spotify and peep the radio rip from Worldwide FM below.