Vetements Spring / Summer 2019 Menswear


Vetements SS19 menswear collection, led by founder and creative director, Demna Gvasalia was about way more than just showcasing garments on a runway. Many items had QR codes incorporated into them which once scanned, sends wearers to a Wikipedia page where they can learn about the events that took place, in Georgia (a mass genocide of Georgian people in Abkhazia in 1992 – 1993 and 1998). They had chosen to tell the story of their personal experience through fashion and innovation, a movement that is shaping the industry. 

As we know, choosing to go against a more conventional fashion concept is something that Demna and brother Guram Gvasalia have never been afraid to do. Casting over 40 models from Georgia, Demna stated on the fact “I use them [models] as a voice for a youth that doesn't have one and is represented by a political regime in that they can't demonstrate or say what they think – there is no real freedom in Georgia."

The 75-look assemblage was awash with a grunge-heavy combination of political messaging; a story of war, devastation and protest. The word ‘Georgia’ was infused with the associated Pride colours which was boldly spread across one of the t-shirt designs. Elsewhere a model presented an assortment of 11 bullets, printed on the front of a shirt and wearing a large bullet pendant around his neck. Was it real? Quite possibly. But nothing said IDGAF more than the footwear; trainers and sturdy boots, clad with sharp silver studs. Oh, and don’t forget the sinister balaclava dress combo. Doesn’t get more rebellious than that.