Reebok Classic launches campaign that champions the 90s spirit

Reebok Classics are here to offer a real taste of 90s spirit with a new campaign launching the iconic Aztrek sneaker. 

Reebok Aztrek available at for £79.95

Reebok Aztrek available at for £79.95

Tapping into their heritage to bring us a nostalgic short film for the next generation, the sportswear brand is here to remix the past. The film, entitled ‘Take A Different Path,’ travels through different sub-cultures that defined the 90s, and showcases the bold self-expression that this era was all about. 

Originally launched in 1993, the Aztrek is back! Both functional and unique, the sneaker features an asymmetrical toe design and diamond stud rubber outsoles. Where before the shoe was engineered for running, it’s now to become an instant style staple! 2Flashes of bright colour give the silhouette it’s fun 90s feel, while the solid white makes it current and wearable. 

Aztrek OG_2
Aztrek OG_3
Aztrek OG_4

Check out the campaign imagery and the film, and let us know what you think!